Brazilian Drum- Surdo

surdo drum being lifted by female drummer in NYC

What is a surdo? Surdos are the bass drums of Brazilian drumming. They are the heartbeat of FogoAzul NYC-marking time to keep the pulse. With their deep sounds, and large size, these bass drums provide a steady beat that acts as a foundation for the accompanying rhythms.In Portuguese, surdo is translated to “deaf”. Possibly called that because of the huge sound … Read More

Learn Drums! And other life skills!

Female Drummer in NYC

Drum lessons and learning how to drum is easy with Fogo Azul NYC. Learning a new hobby isnt always about the hobby itself, and being in a drumline teachers you many new skills and life lessons.

Marches in NYC

marches in NYC, drum marching band

Marches in NYC with the Drum Marching band, all female drummers Fogo Azul NYC attend Juneteenth

Samba Reggae History

Fogo Azul members posing with Adriana Portella of Dida Banda Feminina during Carnival in Salvador da Bahia

Samba Reggae is a genre of music from Salvador da Bahia in Brazil, started in the 1970’s as part of the black power movement. Here is a brief history of Samba reggae and the various Afro Blocos who made Samba Reggae happen.

FogoAzul NYC’s Endless Summer/‘SUM-ALL’ of 2017!

  FogoAzul NYC end of summer recap. Event Band for your special occasion?Search no further!  If Labor Day marks the (unofficial) end of summer, and if the rule of thumb that says summer is a marching band’s busiest season, then I guess I’d have say that Fogo Azul is enjoying one heck of an extended summer, now into sum-all (summer/fall transition)! … Read More

Summer is Coming!

New York City Band — What is a new York City Band? It is: Impressive Engaging Happy LOUD! A great example is FogoAzul NYC!!!  New York City Band events in May: The NYC Dance Parade. If you check out the parade page, you can see that our very own Samba Reggae Percussion Band participated. Drumming into June and Gay Pride Month! … Read More

Best Drumline, Samba Band in NYC!

Marching Band! Women Drumming in New York City! What do you get when a marching band meets Samba band? FogoAzul NYC has had a busy spring!  First we made a music video!  We entered the NPR Tiny Desk Contest!  As a marching band drumline, it was a little difficult to find a piece that was appropriate for the contest, but … Read More

Brazilian drumline Samba band FogoAzul NYC Attends Annual Honk Festival!

Brazilian drumline Samba band

Honk Festival Last weekend FogoAzul NYC brazilian drumline samba band was invited to play at the Annual Honk Festival. Honk is an awesome annual 3-day free festival bringing brass bands and street bands from all over the United States and the world to Somerville, MA for a celebration of music, community and activism! FogoAzul NYC is part of worldwide drumming network … Read More