Fogo Azul NYC Drumline, Marching Band, Samba band

Fogo Azul NYC at 2018 Loisaida Festival

2018 Loisaida Festival Community Parade

Fogo Azul NYC will be performing at the 2018 Loisaida Festival Community Parade May 27, 2018.

The kick-off/staging site will be at Dry Dock Park – Avenue C and 12th Street

Every year the LoisaidaFest hits the ground running with the yearly Loisaida Festival Carnival Parade. Where the diverse community blends with puppeteers, marching bands and performance artists, young and old to create a one of a kind spectacle of color and fun.

Don’t miss this year’s parade on the Avenue C corridor, Loisaida Avenue in Alphabet City, Manhattan

Learn more about the Loisaida Festival HERE.


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