International Women’s Strike 2020



Because the promises made by our governments to advance equality, development and peace for all women 25 years ago were not kept, and women and girls continue to suffer discrimination and violence in every part of the world.

Because International Women’s Day is a day when women over generations have risen up and protested, putting their lives at risk to defend their human rights and fundamental freedoms. We honour that history, reclaim the day and revive women’s collective power to demand our human rights.

Because right to strike is a recognised human right and throughout history, strikes have been an effective tactic for harnessing the power of movements to affect change. Strikes have fostered, revived and strengthened solidarity across issues and movements to change structural oppression, whether it be patriarchy, neoliberalism, globalisation, militarism, fundamentalisms or environmental destruction.

Listen to amazing speakers and move to FogoAzul’s all-women Drumline beats.

On 2020, for the fourth year in a row, Women’s Strike NYC will be out in the streets reclaiming the anti-capitalist roots of International Working Women’s Day and highlighting some of the major struggles at the crossroads of feminist and labor organizing identified by the March 8th Coalition. As the conveners of a coalition composed by a wide array of community-based, feminist, workers and socialist organizations, we are convinced that for an alternative to elite feminism to flourish, we have to build it, together, from the bottom up.

Come out and join millions of women, trans and non-binary folks rallying, marching and experimenting forms for the socialization of care work in Argentina, the Spanish State, Chile, Ecuador, Poland, Mexico, Germany, Italy, among many other places, for a day of action that has become the linchpin of a mass global movement.

Street Vendors Project
National Latina Reproductive Health Institute, NYC
Global Grassroots Justice Alliance
Freedom Home University
Chto Delat
Asamblea Popular de Chile en NYC

Laundry Workers Center
Women´s Organizing Network
DSA, Immigrant Justice Working Group



Mar 08 2020


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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Washington Square Park
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