Fogo Azul Sets the Stage Ablaze at Spike Lee's Annual Michael Jackson / Prince Block Party

After a 4-year hiatus because of Covid, Brooklyn came alive once again on the evening of August 26, 2023. for Spike Lee’s Annual Michael Jackson / Prince Block Party. And Fogo Azul was there!

Spike Lee’s Annual Michael Jackson/Prince Block Party exemplifies the unifying force of music. It reminds us that the influence of artists like Michael Jackson and Prince transcends time and continues to inspire and bring people together.

So, How’d Fogo Azul Join the Fun at Spike Lee's Annual Michael Jackson / Prince Block Party?

Spike Lee happened to see us at an outdoor rehearsal in Brooklyn Bridge Park in 2021.  We exchanged contact information at the time, in anticipation of being in his debut production of his very first musical!  But that didn’t pan out.  Two years later, Spike Lee’s event organizers contacted Stacy and invited Fogo Azul to perform at the event.  He had asked his team in a meeting to “Get that lady band, you know, there’s like 100 of them!”  and after an internet search, they found us!  After a pre-production phone call, and a park walk through, we realized we had less than 36 hours to prepare, and we were double-booked.  Without hesitation, Spike Lee arranged a charter bus to transport our entire group from Jersey City to Fort Greene Park.  We had a group zoom call and a mini rehearsal Friday night, and on the way from NJ to Brooklyn, we rehearsed in our seats on the bus. 

As estimated 30,000 people were gathered to celebrate the music of Michael Jackson and Prince.  It is a testament to the enduring legacy of two of the most  iconic figures in music history. 

When we arrived, we followed Spike Lee around the park playing along to the drum riffs of Sheila E in  “Sign O’ the Times” as he held the guitar gifted to him by Prince.  Then we hit the stage to perform along with the track to “They Don’t Really Care About Us.” 

Other performers included rappers Special Ed and Buckshot, and Michael Jackson impersonator, Gritty James, among others.  Celebrities such as Rosie Perez and Chris Rock also attended. 

We’re still in shock and so grateful for the opportunity to perform at such an event in Brooklyn!  

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