One Very Awesome Week for Samba Band, NYC Drumline, Marching Band, Samba Reggae, Brazilian drumline FogoAzul NYC

Gotham’s Heartbeat FogoAzul NYC!

Samba Band, NYC Drumline, Marching Band, Samba Reggae, Brazilian drumline FogoAzul NYC Bateria just had a jam packed week filled with four awesome events all over NYC!  We kicked off our week with the NYC Village Halloween Parade on Monday night and brought the week to a close at the TCS New York City Marathon on Sunday morning.  Because of so many gigs, we are grateful for the music and the people who love us!  Thank you to our fans who smiled, waved, emailed, hugged, shared photos, and most importantly shared these amazing events with us!  We gained a lot of new fans and friends!

Halloween night in the West Village, FogoAzul NYC, lit up in blue, lined up with a ton of other amazing drumlines and marching bands.  We were not ready for how much fun we were about to have!  Hence, we danced to Thriller until we jumped in the parade and played our hearts out!

NYC Marathon Weekend

We gave our Fogolette feet a rest for a few days and then spent Friday evening kicking off the TCS New York City Marathon at the opening event.  We got to meet and jam with a ton of other musicians and marching bands. Even our very own Marcus Santos,  Grooversity’s leader, came out to play with us!

We are so lucky to be part of this International Ceremony!   The ceremony featured the Parade of Nations with 1,300 delegates representing more than 102 nations.  It ended with a DJ and NYC theme songs like New York, New York!  Thus, it was a big cultural party!

There was a big drum jam session at the end with New York Taiko Aiko Kai and NYC Bhangra!

Check out this video of the Parade of Nations!!!


Without skipping a beat, Marcus Santos and some of our members headed on over to Carnegie Hall the very next day and in conjunction with the World Music Institute, gave a drumming workshop for teens.  Everyone had a blast!!!  Therefore, success!

Hence, there’s more!

Bright and early Sunday, our Fogolettes were at it again.  This time, at the mile two marker of the TCS New York City Marathon in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn ready to greet the runners as they crossed over the Verrazano Bridge with some samba reggae tunes.  We had so much fun cheering on all of the amazing runners and loved that they cheered for us right back!  Congratulations to all of the runners that participated!  FogoAzul NYC Samba and Brazilian Drumline was very inspired by you!  We ran home with our drums strapped to our backs!  (no, we really didn’t…we went for pizza!)

Samba Band, NYC Drumline, Marching Band, Samba Reggae, Brazilian drumline we love New York!

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