Samba Reggae History

Fogo Azul members posing with Adriana Portella of Dida Banda Feminina during Carnival in Salvador da Bahia

Samba Reggae is a genre of music from Salvador da Bahia in Brazil, started in the 1970’s as part of the black power movement. Here is a brief history of Samba reggae and the various Afro Blocos who made Samba Reggae happen.

Summer is Coming!

New York City Band — What is a new York City Band? It is: Impressive Engaging Happy LOUD! A great example is FogoAzul NYC!!!  New York City Band events in May: The NYC Dance Parade. If you check out the parade page, you can see that our very own Samba Reggae Percussion Band participated. Drumming into June and Gay Pride Month! … Read More

Astor Alive – Sept 17, 2016

female drummers in new york

Batala New York City now FogoAzul NYC FogoAzul NYC in our FIRST show! Batala New York City now FogoAzul NYC is NY’s premiere Marching Band, Samba Band, and Drumline all in one package. Add some choreography and you’ve got the BEST BAND in New York! We’re so honored to have shared the stage with so many great artists on Saturday, … Read More