Samba Reggae History

Fogo Azul members posing with Adriana Portella of Dida Banda Feminina during Carnival in Salvador da Bahia

Samba Reggae is a genre of music from Salvador da Bahia in Brazil, started in the 1970’s as part of the black power movement. Here is a brief history of Samba reggae and the various Afro Blocos who made Samba Reggae happen.

Fogo Azul NYC at NY forró Festival

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NY forró Festival

NY forró Festival Fogo Azul NYC is excited to be part of the NY forró Festival – May 31, 2018 In 2018, for the first time ever, the Forró New York community is putting together a festival! A cultural celebration with much music and dance! The New York Forró Festival will bring together dancers, musicians and forró enthusiasts for 4 nights of live music and 3 days of dance classes (from … Read More

Fogo Azul NYC at LOFT Pride 2018 -Westchester Pride

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Westchester Pride 2018

LOFT Pride 2018 – Westchester Pride 2018 Join Fogo Azul NYC in celebrating at Westchester’s Premier LGBT Pride Festival! – LOFT Pride 2018 – Westchester Pride 2018 LOFT Pride/Westchester Pride 2018 will have: food trucks vendors raffles bounce house photo booth tarot readings face painting advocacy stations AND…… Fogo Azul NYC! Fogo Azul NYC will be performing in the Westchester Pride Parade. … Read More

Fogo Azul NYC at Summer on the Hudson Mamapalooza NYC

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Mamapalooza NYC Fogo Azul NYC will be performing at Summer on the Hudson Mamapalooza NYC. Come on out to Riverside Park on May 27th and celebrate Fierce FEMINISTS, as well as FAMILIES of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds with Fogo Azul NYC. Riverside Park, Pier I at 70th street in Riverside Park South, Pier I at 70th street in Riverside Park … Read More

Fogo Azul NYC at 2018 Loisaida Festival

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2018 Loisaida Festival Community Parade

2018 Loisaida Festival Community Parade Fogo Azul NYC will be performing at the 2018 Loisaida Festival Community Parade May 27, 2018. The kick-off/staging site will be at Dry Dock Park – Avenue C and 12th Street Every year the LoisaidaFest hits the ground running with the yearly Loisaida Festival Carnival Parade. Where the diverse community blends with puppeteers, marching bands and performance artists, young and … Read More

FogoAzul NYC’s Endless Summer/‘SUM-ALL’ of 2017!

  FogoAzul NYC end of summer recap. Event Band for your special occasion?Search no further!  If Labor Day marks the (unofficial) end of summer, and if the rule of thumb that says summer is a marching band’s busiest season, then I guess I’d have say that Fogo Azul is enjoying one heck of an extended summer, now into sum-all (summer/fall transition)! … Read More

Summer is Coming!

New York City Band — What is a new York City Band? It is: Impressive Engaging Happy LOUD! A great example is FogoAzul NYC!!!  New York City Band events in May: The NYC Dance Parade. If you check out the parade page, you can see that our very own Samba Reggae Percussion Band participated. Drumming into June and Gay Pride Month! … Read More